When you’re providing customers with gas detection systems, you know that your products and services are about saving lives.  Quality and expertise—and the people who make it all happen—are built around this.  That’s why when it comes to gas detection systems, research and development plays an important role.

When it comes to life safety systems, any opportunity to make your products more reliable and efficient should be a priority. Our research and development team continuously works on improving these products, making them the absolute best they can be.  Research and development is nothing short of crucial to this industry.  The science, technology, and innovations are constantly changing and improving, and staying one step ahead means bringing these advancements to the products being made.  The advent of specific technologies—and understanding them—means enhanced gas detection.

As a result of this commitment, we’re excited to have a new member of our team, RoJenia Jones, an expert with a PhD in chemistry from Loyola University, who brings knowledge and passion to our growing R&D department. Mrs. Jones has joined the R&D and production team and is helping to improve the products and assist in their innovation and growth.  The team is consistently finding new ways to make the products even better for the end users.  As part of this goal, they constantly follow the industry’s evolution as well as take in comments from customers and the industry, and apply them to their work.  As part of both the R&D and production teams, Mrs. Jones takes her chemical research and knowledge and applies it to the actual product production, further advancing the DOD systems.

We take our role as a global leader, along with the importance of what we’re providing, very seriously.  We will continue to bring the latest advancements of our research & development to our products and our customers.