GasHydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) is used in many types of industrial processes, so it can be a threat to many different workplaces. It’s important to have a warning system to identify the dangers posed by hydrogen sulfide in the air. An H2S gas monitor can help alert you to leaks or high levels of this dangerous gas before there are negative effects to worry about. Here some reasons you should seriously consider installing an H2S gas detector in the workplace.

Avoid Negative Health Impacts

The effects of H2S gas can vary depending on the length of exposure as well as how high the levels of gas are. Some people experience mild symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. However, the effects can be more serious and include memory problems, cardiovascular problems, unconsciousness, coma, and even death in severe cases. Most of these serious problems result from individuals being exposed to either very high levels of the gas or being exposed over a prolonged period of time. That’s why it’s so important to have a detector to prevent this prolonged exposure from happening.

Prevent Property Damage

The workplace itself is in danger when there’s H2S gas in the air. This is because the gas can react violently to heat and possibly explode if it travels to ignition sources. When H2S gas ignites and burns it produces dangerous, toxic gases, and vapors. Your workplace could sustain serious damage from an explosion or fire due to an H2S leak. Additionally, the gas can corrode some materials and prevent equipment from being in safe working order. A sensor can detect a leak quickly before a major catastrophe occurs from either an explosion or equipment malfunction. Investing in a preventive measure now can save you thousands of dollars later.

Accurate Detection

Although it’s true that H2S gas has a distinct rotten egg smell, that doesn’t always mean that it will be detected. The senses are dulled after prolonged exposure so employees that are exposed over a long period of time probably won’t even notice the smell after time. In addition, H2S is colorless, so it won’t ever be seen. The only way to protect the workplace and your employees is to install a reliable H2S detector.