Gas Leak Detection Services

DOD Technologies is committed to providing great service and customer care. From inquiry to delivery, our highly skilled team provides exceptional support and accountability to our customers. We offer Service Contracts, Calibration Services, Start Up Services, Field Service & Training and Installation & Design.

Danny O'Donnell

Danny O'Donnell

Global Service Director

Danny O’Donnell is the Global Service Director at DOD Technologies. He will be the primary engineer for most product resolutions. With 8 years experience as the service director, Danny brings first hand field experience to every situation. If you would like to contact Danny, hit the “Contact Us” button above and he will respond within 24 hours.

Field Service & Training

When it comes to providing service, our team is equipped to service many types and brands of gas detection. If you have concerns about another system currently installed at your facility or a portable unit on hand, give our staff a call. We are able to guide our clients through many of the gas detectors on the market and can have you up and running quicker than other manufacturer service programs.

Installation & Design

Working with our own team as well as local engineering companies, DOD Technologies provides complete life safety system design, testing and installation to meet all your needs. DOD Technologies will provide expert solutions for the integration of gas detection into existing equipment. If you already have a safety system, we can provide support on the successful integration of gas detection.

Our dedicated team provides the support you need to select the right system for your specific application. Choosing and integrating the right gas detection system is essential.

Service Contracts

We offer a full range of service contracts to meet our customers’ diverse requirements. Our preventative maintenance program helps you to plan for maintenance and eliminates the need to remember service dates. Our service contracts can include on-site training for your employees so your staff is fully prepared for any scenario. Included in every contract is access to our service hotline, where you can be in contact with  a service technician at any time of day.

Equipment Start Up

Work with our skilled team to ensure that your equipment is installed correctly and performance tested to meet the high levels required of life safety systems.


We offer a full line of calibration services in our laboratory, as well as in-field calibrations. Our capabilities include calibration gas cylinders, NIST traceable gas generation and full service field calibration. If you have routine calibrations, it may be best to look into our service contract program. However, if you rarely have a calibration, check out our mail-in service noted above!