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Weight .5 lbs

Software Upgrade PPM to PPB, Cub Charge only Docking Station, Cub Data Docking Station (inc. charging), Cub Calibration Docking Station (inc. charging & data), PTFE FIlter Membrane, Cub Cap Molding Complete, O-Ring Seal 18mm, O-Ring Seal 13×1.5mm Silicone, Cub Docking Mounting Bracket Molding, Gas Saturation Cup(Calibration/Bump Test Adapter), Quick Start Guide- Cub, Cub Belt Clip Complete, Cub Accessory Kit, Electrode Stack, Electrode Stack (10.eV), Cable USB 2.0A to B, 2m, MiniPID Lamp (Krypton) 10.0eV, MiniPID 6-pin 10.0eV, MiniPID 6-pin 10.6eV, MiniPID Electrode Stack Removal Tool, MiniPID Sensor Lamp Spring, PID Lamp Cleaning Kit, Cub Service & Calibration