CL1 Replacement Filters



Replacement Filters for ChemLogic 1 (CL1):

  • Disposable non-corrosive end of line particulate filters for Phosgene & Hydride units 780248
  • Filter Housing for use with Teflon membranes For Mineral Acid Units 60009
  • Teflon Membranes – 100 pieces – 47mm (For use with P/N:60009) 60010
  • Teflon Membranes – 10 pieces – 47mm (for use with P/N: 60009) 2-500-502
  • Filter Media Disc for Dusty Diisocyanate Application (10/pack) 2-600-207 for use with 2-600-217
  • TDI Filter Dust Cone 2-600-217


CL1 replacement filters and membranes are made for our fixed ChemLogic 1 gas detection unit. This single point monitor is used in a variety of applications and can detect gases at extremely low levels. For more information about which membrane or filter you may need, please reach out to our dedicated sales staff.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in

End of Line Part.Filter, Filter Housing (MA Units), Teflon Membranes (100 pcs), Teflon Membranes (10 pcs), Filter Disc (TDI/MDI), TDI Filter Dust Cone