ChemLogic Portable X (CLPX) Replacement Cassettes



The Next Generations ChemLogic Portable (CLPX) provides powerful portable gas detection to meet a wide variety of applications.  It’s improved Optics Design and Automated Optics Calibration makes the CLPX the most reliable, foolproof, user friendly gas detector on the market.


No Brochure Available.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 x 2 x 8.25 in
Available Tapes

Phosgene Cassette 1-200-070, Hydride Cassette 1-300-070, Mineral Acid Cassette 1-400-070, Nitric Acid Cassette 1-400-075, Chlorine Cassette 1-500-070, LL Chlorine Cassette 1-500-075, Diisocyanates Cassette 1-600-070, Nitrogen Dioxide Cassette 1-600-570, Ammonia Cassette 1-700-070, Hydrazine Cassette 1-D11-070, E15 Cassette 1-E15-070, F2 Oxidizer Cassette 1-550-070